About Me

I’m an Art Director founder of Louder Magazine and owner of Ideorama for over 17 years. I’m an Illustration and visual arts lover. I’ve studied as a thirsty creative, succeeded against the unexpected, but most of all, I’ve learned. I’ve proven that a good design creates opportunities and that it comes from nothing but a strong, driven intent. I know that the creative hunger never ends, but in the meantime I’d use it to make things different.



to believe in my ideas
to continuously learn
to create a design studio
to carry the weight of big projects
to follow my passion
to make things real

Quite some time ago I’ve started Ideorama, my own design studio made with the purpose of giving a better place to creativity and the achievements of innovative goals.

Within the many years of working there, I’ve led teams of various disciplines, to deliver high quality creative contents: graphic designers, advertising copywriters, photographers, cinematographers, programmers, animators, event producers, and social communicators.
Thanks to it I had also the chance to be creatively involved in a wider range of “out of the box” projects, like TV, publications, education, theater and concerts, allowing me to also bring the design thinking outside the formats and learn from these experiences.


Spanish (native), German (Zertifikat B2), English (advanced).


Software skills

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere.