Designing the experience

The most historically relevant hotel in the city of Rosario, Argentina.
Art Direction / Graphic Design.
Corporate rebranding and relaunch.

Located in the main part of the old town, this antique hotel has an important role in the history of Rosario city, in Argentina.
I’ve worked in the creation of designs to re-value its architectural relevance. As the consequence of this work, it later scaled up to become a full reinterpretation of the brand, the decoration of its interior, and the consumer experience.
The visual guidelines were redesigned in the search for new, younger targets, using the geometrical aspects of its architecture as a way to modernize it, but keeping an essence of tradition and historical value.


Heritage as a value
The brand’s new visual system was made based on its building, taking its forms, colours and textures as a guide to create more familiarity.

The website was created as a visual tour that goes through the emotional impressions that a first visit to the Hotel can produce.

The Tale
As an add-on to bring depth to the concept, I’ve used the brand’s new expressive capabilities to tell a fictional story:
It was about a barkeeper from the USA of the 1920’s and his travel, coming from Chicago to Rosario.
Everything he has learned on his path was translated later into the cocktails present
on this menu.