Selected Music Store

Startup company based in Berlin.
Art Direction / Graphic Design
Corporate Branding, UI Design and Launch Campaign.

With so much information around us, the key is now to select, to be very exclusive and to go back to the minimum state.
Selected is an on-line store of electronic music which main differential is, that only an extremely accurate and tailored catalogue is offered, made from professional DJs to professional DJs.
In the development of this electronic music web store, the goal was to communicate its very sensitive philosophy about selection. For that reason, and together with the branding’s visual language, a contrast-based common code was established with the user, in which simply everything in yellow represents a highlight worth being seen: a selection.

To maximize the colour’s effect, graphics and typography were made with functionality in mind. The logo became also a tag.

Although this colour code was born as a web resource, the language extends through every piece made, including merchandising.