The change


State Department of the province of Santa Fe, the third most populated area in Argentina.
Art Direction / Graphic Design.
Branding, creative concept and content design to support the implementation of a new educational system.

The creation of visual content for educational projects inherits the need of a deep understanding of every pedagogical case, because symbols play a big role in education.
Throughout more than 11 years, I have worked for the Ministry of Education to help them create a wide offer of experiences, through which they presented, developed, and implemented a new educational system in the province, where every student is at the center, and around a more humane and organic way of teaching.
The identity was designed by giving intentionally the speaking voice to the children and teenagers, re-shaping the old roles while helping to build a new relationship between them and the teachers, but also with the school and their involvement in the society.

Due to the Government’s communication policies, the brand of the Ministry of Education couldn’t be communicated through mainstream media nor implemented as the focus element in concepts. Therefore the focus was set in the content.

For Students

Printed and digital designs for pedagogical material and events, aimed to all learning stages.

Sex education game for kids.

Sex education book for teenagers.

User interface for Annual Science Expo.

Advertising posters for the Science Fair 2015.

New Educational Technologies Expo.

Motion graphics for the program “Back to Studying”, to promote the return to school of young adults.

For Teachers

Design of resources for the classroom, but also of material and experiences that helped to modernize and bring new meaningfulness to the role.

Calendar for road safety education.

Continuing Education program.

Yearly official activities calendars 2013, 2014, and 2015.

“Experiences Log Book” for teachers.

Merchandising to celebrate Teacher’s Day.


Due to the State’s communication policies, a new branding guideline was created for each new administration period.

Branding period 2015 – 2019.