Strategically digital


Leader brand in technology development and automation solutions for agriculture and transport. Argentina.
Art Direction / Graphic Design.
Digital rollout campaigns. Digital and print design.

Born as a family-sized company, it has evolved as one of the most influential technology developers on its field in Argentina.
I have worked in the creation of the complete set of resources for the commercial activation of new products, like printed and digital media for rollout campaigns, user guides and manuals, presentations, and the new version of the company’s website.
Due to the target’s nature, social media played a main role. For this I have developed several campaigns with graphic and animated ads, covering different aspects of each product. The main goal on these pieces was to show value through modern utility and durability, key elements for high performance products that are used in such a rough context.

Social Media Video Ad. 2018.

Social Media Launch Campaign 2018.

Social Media Relaunch Campaign 2019.

Corporate Website

The design of the corporate website included not only promotional resources, but also a comprehensive work on icons, illustrations and animations to ease the understanding of the complex technical information.


A set of printed material was designed for every launched product, supporting both commercial and technical information needs.