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The newest and most quality-innovative company in the highly competitive argentinian B2B and B2C flour market.
Art Direction / Illustration.
Corporate Branding and Packaging Design.

Located in the most fertile area for agriculture in Argentina, Santa Marta produces wheat flours honoring a family tradition for hard work and high quality.
To represent this values the designs were made using a soft warm color palette that highlights the whiteness of the product. Hand drawn illustrations, typography, and vintage-like patterns were used with the intention of creating a rustic homelike impression, which balances harmoniously with the flat geometrical shapes to bring openness and friendliness.
The photography supported these concepts, presenting produce and work environments in a simple and natural way.

The product and the surrounding elements are displayed in an easy, natural way; allowing the package to show its complexities.

Corporate Website

In both industrial and consumer packages, red and blue are required to follow a standardized universal coding.