Experience through the audience

Internationally acclaimed theater play.
Graphic Design.
Rebranding and advertising design.

This play is simple but, at the same time, so dynamic and intense that it should not be described but experienced.
Fuerza Bruta was originally made in Argentina in 2003, as an evolution from the “De la Guarda” company. It had a major success worldwide which allowed it to establish also permanently in New York.
I’ve designed ads, working hand in hand with its Director, Diqui James, as well as visual guidelines that were followed by the design teams in New York.
The goal for this ads was to reflect how intensive and humane the experience could be, putting into focus what’s going on during a show among the real people. The logo was also reformed in this process and is still being used today.

To use the organic viral impact in social networks that the play had after each show, real posts from real people of the audience were selected as the main content for each ad.