Let the city flow


Bi-national theater production from one of the Artistic Directors of Cirque du Soleil.
Art Direction / Graphic Design.
Corporate Branding, Logo Design and Cross-media Launch Campaign.

This play was premiered in May 2019, as a bi-national joint work between two Artistic Directors, James Santos (Cirque du Soleil) and Diego Castro, and creative teams in Argentina.
By being closely involved with the project, not only the brand, its logo, the graphic design of its visual guidelines and website were created, but also the advertising pieces of the pre-sale season for social media.
The main goal of my work was to show the eclectic concepts that fundament the play, that artistically reflects the essence of a city in which nature and urbanism live in perfect balance.

The enigmatic pre-sale social media ads were designed with the goal of represent the struggle of life between two opposite worlds, talking directly to the user, but also mirroring the main character’s feelings from the story’s plot.

All the artists in the play were gathered from casting sessions announced through social media campaigns.