Kliksberg: Ethical Heroes of the Human Kind

5R TV Channel

The newest cultural TV channel in the province of Santa Fe. Argentina.
Graphic Design / Motion Graphics.
Concept and creation of visual animated content for the documentary TV series.

Kliksberg, Héroes Éticos del Género Humano is a documentary TV show hosted by Bernardo Kliksberg, in which in every episode a very important character in human history is fully covered, with his unique academic style, but re defined to reach a teenage audience.
This project consisted not only in making the visual branding, like opening titles, inserts and credits, but also to feed visually the concepts that were presented by the host.
For this task a deep research and understanding of each of those characters was truly necessary.
As the host used recurrently newspaper articles as a source of reference, the animation on screen pretended to be an AI interface interacting with him. Both the interface and the articles are represented on this opening clip.