Music through design.
Beats by bits.

First electronic music and culture magazine in Argentina.
Editorial Direction / Art Direction.
Branding, design guidelines and content creation.

“When no one does it right, do it yourself” one says. This project was created, developed and directed by me, as a way to bring a magazine about such a unique topic, like electronic music subculture is, the way I think it deserved it.
Several issues were released, reaching all the major cities in Argentina and positioning itself as one of the first electronic music culture coverage magazines in South America.
The design system for this magazine included a specific pose for the cover artist, but freedom of space and style in the main headlines for each of the most relevant articles, as a way to reach each artist’s creative identity.

Branded cover: Ears covered
Symbolic posture for easier consumer recognition.

Identity through expression
A more open visual language allowed the articles to reflect their own personality.